Local Democracy and Vulnérability Reduction in Africa:

Political Representation under a Changing Sky

The aim of the project is to understand the multiple treatable causes of climate-related migration from the Sahel toward Europe and the role of local political representation through local government in addressing those causes.
The general objective is to examine the role of elected local government in supporting the local institutions that assist vulnerable populations to reduce their risks – with regard to unauthorized migration toward Europe.
The specific objectives are:
– To explore local government’s role – the function of representation – in generating or reducing the current trend in which vulnerable people are migrating out.
– To evaluate the conditions in which vulnerable populations who are migrating out live.
– To understand the ways in which youths and their families perceive and rationalize the risks and vulnerabilities related to unauthorized migration towards Europe, including deaths, imprisonments, and kidnapping.
Principal Investigators
Dr. Papa Faye, Coordinator of the pro
Centre d’Action pour le Développement et la Recherche – CADRE
Dakar, Senegal
E-mail: pfaye@cadre.sn

Professor Jesse Ribot
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign & Stanford University
E-mail: ribot@Illinois.edu

Professor Matthew Turner
Department of Geography
University of Wisconsin, Madison
E-mail: mturner2@wisc.edu

Project research areas
Senegal: Missirah and Koar
Niger: Say and Diantandou

Partnering institution:
Groupe de Recherche, d’Etudes et d’Actions pour le Développement – GREAD

Funding Agency
Swedish International Council for Local Democracy (ICLD), Visby, Sweden.

For more information on the project contact Dr Papa Faye at pfaye@cadre.sn

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